• A Work of Art in Brick

    This PDF is the online, downloadable, version of the publication A Work of Art in Brick.
  • Colour research

    For the conservation of urban block Het Schip by Michel de Klerk, a meticulous research into the original colourscheme is undertaken in 2014-2015.
  • Research Symbolism+Meaning

    Many architectural and artistic details in Het Schip building, both figurative and abstract, are bearers of symbolic meaning. Many stories go around.
  • Conservation Architectural+Artistic Details

    De Klerk’s housing block “Het Schip” has many ornamental elements typical of his work. The revolutionary architectural and artistic details are deeply
  • Conservation Entrances+Stairs

    The entrance doors to the apartments on the ground floor and the main staircases are still in the original condition. The woodwork of the doors convey
  • Conservation Roof+Wall Tiles

    In the façade, ceramic roof and wall tiles are used as cladding and decorative elements. Decorative roof tiles are mainly used to emphasize the horizo
  • Conservation Masonry

    One of the most critical parts of the restoration of 'Het Schip' is the technical condition of the masonry.
  • HET SCHIP-Application

    In close co-operation with block owner Eigen Haard, the Amsterdam School Museum Het Schip presents this proposal to the Getty Foundation for a grant u
  • Getty Keeping it Modern (KiM)

    Keeping It Modern is a grant initiative focused on supporting model projects for the conservation of modern architecture.
  • Getty grant voor Het Schip!

    De prestigieuze Getty Foundation in Los Angeles heeft een grant van $ 180.000 toegekend aan de restauratie van Het Schip van Michel de Klerk. Daarmee
  • Icon of modernity 'Het Schip'

    Voor een buitenlandse subsidiënt: Het Schip is een icoon van moderne architectuur. Waarom?
  • Unesco-werelderfgoed AMSTERDAMSE SCHOOL

    Inleiding op de expert meeting op 4 maart 2014 over de Amsterdamse School als Unesco-werelderfgoed. Aankondiging van een rubriek binnen 'thema's' op d