In February 2015 the Getty Foundation invited Amsterdamse School Museum Het Schip to apply for a grant from the foundation's Keeping it Modern (KiM) Initiative. The grant was decided positively in June 2015. This part of WENDINGEN, platform voor de Amsterdamse School, is aimed at conservation specialists and will document the restoration of urban block HET SCHIP by Michel de Klerk in Amsterdam.


The full restoration of urban block Het Schip, Amsterdam is planned for 2015/2016. The main objective of the museum and of the owner of the block Eigen Haard is to attain the best results in the sustainable restoration of the numerous sculptural details and the magnificent craftsmanship applied to the whole building. The secondary objective is the dissemination of the knowledge thus acquired and raising the interest in the application of crafts in expressionistic modern buildings.

The project for additional funding by the Getty Foundation comprises:

• Additional research into restoration techniques (materials, handling and application) of architectural and artwork details of the building:

o Masonry

o Roof and wall tiles

o Entrance doors and staircases

o Architectural and artistic details

o Missing leaded glass windows

• First time research into the significance (meaning) and iconography of sculptural work and of abstract details (colour, material, form)

• Documentation and presentation of the restoration process and result in websites, sustainable maintenance plan, documentation for tenants, film, book and expositions.

In close co-operation with block owner Eigen Haard, the Amsterdam School Museum Het Schip presents this proposal to the Getty Foundation for a grant under the ‘Keeping it Modern’ initiative in the amount of $180,000.



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Niko Koers


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