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At Wendingen we together build a complete overview of architecture and art movement
the Amsterdam school


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Diploma Olympische Spelen 1928

Top notch Amsterdam School, the design of this Olympic diploma.

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Dijkstraat 3, Kommerzijl

The most beautiful Amsterdam School building in Kommerzijl, the birthplace of architect Eppe van der Molen.

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Gemeente Spaarbank (vm), Venlo

Design by Venlo municipal architect Jules Kayser, whose work includes several structures in the Rosariat neighbourhood.

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Tellegenbank, Arnhem

Bank built in honour and memory of Jan Willem Cornelis Tellegen, former director of Gemeentewerken Arnhem.

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At Wendingen everyone can contribute: whether it's buildings, objects or biographies. In this way we can create the most complete overview possible of the Amsterdam School, the architecture and art movement of the 20th century!


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