From housing block to bridge,
from jewellery to biography.

At Wendingen we together build a complete overview of architecture and art movement
the Amsterdam school


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De Hooge Wilgen, Loosdrecht

This studio house on the Loosdrecht lakes was beautifully organic.

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Warffum 3

Oostervalge 6, Warffum

A colourful house in Groningen's Warffum in the midst of 1930s houses.

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Warffum 2

Juffer Marthastraat 1, Warffum

Former garage in Warffum, with an expressive design. The architect is unknown.

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Kerkstraat Hsum

Kerkstraat 98, Hilversum

Beautiful details in this carefully designed house in the centre of Hilversum.

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At Wendingen everyone can contribute: whether it's buildings, objects or biographies. In this way we can create the most complete overview possible of the Amsterdam School, the architecture and art movement of the 20th century!


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